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Children in our Preschool Program are offered many different activities that have been carefully developed for age-appropriateness. We offer full- and part-time programs, as well as a half-day preschool program. We provide a foundation for each child to build character and self esteem. We want each child to gain a love of learning that comes with all the skills necessary for kindergarten and future academic success. We believe that the best early childhood education focuses on process rather than product, with an emphasis on problem solving and creativity. While childhood development follows a predictable course, we know that each child has a distinctive timetable. Our warm, energetic staff gives individual direction, and assist children in fulfilling their personal potential.
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Our Pre-Kindergarten students build upon this foundation with pre-reading and beginning math in order to enhance readiness for elementary school. These groups mature and grow through centers, where children receive “hands-on” experience. Each day includes indoor and outdoor play, individual and cooperative activities, and quiet time.