May I tour your facility, and bring my child for a pre-enrollment visit?
We request that parents tour our center and bring their children for a visit before the children begin regular enrollment. This helps to make your child’s first experience at our center a pleasant one. Short stays help your child develop trust in the staff and feel comfortable in the classroom surroundings.
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How do I enroll my child?
Enrollment is based on a first-come, first-served basis. A parent interested in enrolling their child should submit an application, all necessary forms, documentation, and an annual registration fee of $85.00.

Once WCDC reaches its maximum legal capacity for an age group, we will maintain a waiting list ordered by date of application. When a space becomes available, we will notify the next parent on the list.
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What documentation am I required to provide?
1. Complete registration forms.
2. Sign payment policy forms (must be signed by all parents and/or guardians).
3. Complete health and immunization records, or provide forms stating you are
religiously exempt.
4. Complete Emergency Medical form.
5. Provide ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE (our state licensing requires this).
6. Provide any custody agreements, when applicable (must be signed by judge).
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Do you offer flexible schedules?
At WCDC we offer flexible schedules to meet your family's needs. Talk with our Directors about our programs and the days offered.
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What are your hours?
We are open from 6:30am to 6:30pm, Monday through Friday, except on designated holidays. On public school holidays, snow days and teacher workdays, full child care will be provided for elementary age children. School-age students will be accepted for care from 6:30am until they are driven by school van or bus to their school. They will be picked up by the school van or bus and returned to our facility for care from 3:00pm to 6:30pm.
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Do you provide meals and snacks?
Children enrolled full time are served a nutritious lunch and 2 snacks (AM and PM) each day. School-age children are asked to pack lunches on full-time days. Snacks and drinks will be provided.
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Are you accredited?
We are accredited by the “International Academy for Private Education.” IAPE evaluates and sets standards of excellence for child care providers in the areas of health, classroom and playground safety, staff qualifications and certifications, and classroom environment and activities.
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What security measures are present?
In addition to our facility’s secured, monitored doors, our classrooms and playgrounds are equipped with video cameras for monitoring activities.

We hold regularly-scheduled emergency drills to acquaint the children with procedures for evacuation and outside assembly in the event of an emergency. Only the child’s parents, guardians or pre-authorized emergency contacts are allowed to pick them up.

Our policy is to have a staff member certified in First Aid and CPR on duty at all times at the center and on field trips. Our buses and private vans are equipped with cellular phones for safety and security.
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